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December 11, 2003

Don't Dump, is the message from Computer Aid International, which refurbishes unwanted computers and sends them from the UK to the developing world.

Tony Roberts, the charity's CEO, told Daily Summit that, this year, they have sent 12,000 computers to schools, women's groups and non-political organisations, mainly in Africa and Latin America.

The project has provided computers for blind children in the Caribbean and to the Kared-Fod Women's Group in Kenya.

In Zambia, their computers are used to inform the people about HIV/Aids, with a focus on at-risk groups, such as vulnerable children and commercial sex workers.

Next year, the charity hopes to double the number of computers it sends.
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December 09, 2003

Pulp nonfiction. Despite being regarded as a green and eco-friendly country, we are outraged to report that the Swiss have utterly neglected their duties in one respect.

In half a day (before things even start properly) the summit has gone through a fair-sized rain forest in hand-outs, press releases etc, and we've seen just one person collecting paper for recycling in a place big enough for 13,000 participants.

Plus there appear to be no recycling bins for public use and the staff don't have a clue about how you would go about it.

Despite this summit being about the future of cyberspace, the vast majority
of those here seem to prefer hardcopy. Why?
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November 26, 2003

Stay CO2 neutral at WSIS by paying 'a voluntary tribute' to Switzerland's Climate Protection Partnership. They're suggesting that WSIS will generate 10,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide, and want every delegate to take responsibility for their own hot air...

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