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December 03, 2003

Open source works, according to University of California research.

"Free and open-source software development is faster, better and cheaper in building a community and at reinforcing and institutionalizing a culture for how to develop software," says lead researcher Walt Scacchi. "We're not ready to assert that open-source development is the be-all end-all for software engineering practice, but there's something going on in open-source development that is different from what we see in the textbooks."

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October 28, 2003

Open Source. The US position on this is summed up as follows: "The United States recognizes that open source software can contribute to increased access and diversity of choice but it is only one of many possible models for the development of software. The WSIS documents should not promote one over the other (i.e. open source vs. proprietary), but should instead foster the availability of diverse alternatives and the freedom to choose among those alternatives."

Update: The guys at Slashdot have got their teeth into this. 147 comments in 5 hours...

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