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December 12, 2003

"Citizens media meets bulldog journalism; finds the future of news," writes Jeff Jarvis

"I'm witnessing the future of journalism unfold over at

"There, a bunch of webloggers sent there by the British Council (can someone explain them to me?) are covering the U.N. World Summit on Information Society with a vibrancy, immediacy, passion, imagination, doggedness, and openness you simply won't find in big media...

"This is what journalism is meant to be.

"This isn't some new form of journalism. This is the result of a few centuries of the evolution of journalism.
We, the readers, get to ask the questions we want to ask of those in power and we get answers. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

"Now, it helps immensely that the people in Geneva for Daily Summit know their stuff and also ask the right questions at every opportunity.

"Give the chance to interview the man in charge of the Iranian Internet, they got to confront him and ask about the arrest of weblogger Sina Motallebi (the frightening event that first introduced me and many of us to the Iranian weblog revolution). The mullahs' bureacrat lied and shuffled away from the point. But the confrontation tells them: The whole world is watching, boys.

"You can call that advocacy journalism or bulldog journalism or just good reporting. It's all that."

Thanks. It's been fun. We'll keep you updated with all the post-WSIS reaction.

But first, a drink...
David Steven @ December 12, 2003 09:33 PM | TrackBack

Comments (1)
The media in general lacks objectivity and it seems all the major media channels concentrate on the same news. News bureau seem to also control the distribution of news with journalists following their leads in news stories. The worst part of this scenario is not the news that is reported but the news that goes unreported.
Globalism and Free Trade issues have been shelved for a very long time. Globalism and Free Trade now have at least a ten year history and we can recall reading The Trap about Free Trade by Sir James Goldsmith over ten years ago.
Finally some journalists are beginning to write and report more about it but now it is almost time to start covering the post-Globalism age because the wars and terrorism related to Globalism and Free Trade will alert more and more about the terrible impact caused by these elements of war and terror. The real need of our times across the world is the need for real jobs and not wars.
Ray Tapajna, an advocate for human dignity in the workday is the editor and artist of Tapart News and Art that Talks whose published letters, commentaries and thought provoking editorial art and cartoons center on the failures of Globalism and Free Trade. The major media channels have failed in reporting these failures or connecting them with wars and terrorism.
View the Cross 9-11 Tangle of Terror artwork asking who will now untangle the terror Globalism and Free Trade have bred. Read his updated commentaries from the Federal Trade Commission site and his many published letters. His art has won awards on the internet and his art gallery is at The Cleveland Plain Dealer, largest newspaper in Ohio, Sunday Magazine, did a story about his art featuring the American Dream is Burning artwork which has the White House phone number on the Space Available sign on a burning empty factory and this can be viewed at
Articles and essays by others include America in Terror by Chuck Harder, worldwide radio host of For the People and House of Cards Economy by Paul Donovan. The site also demonstrates real unemployment rates in the USA and commentaries by Dick Fleager and top Middle East columnist Elizabeth Sullivan.
For all who are dedicated to restoring the American Dream in the USA and for others worldwide pass on Tapart Real News and Art that Talks or search out all the hundreds of references under Tapart News or Ray Tapajna on Google. Spread the real news and isssues of our times.
Tapart News Editor @ January 14, 2004 07:31 PM

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