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December 10, 2003

Mugabe speaks to WSIS. We live in a false and failed information society, where ICT's are used to impose global hegemony and dominance on the part of rich nations of the North, the Zimbabwean President has just told WSIS, in an impassioned speech.

Introduced by the red-haired, female President of Latvia, wearing a striking green suit, Mugabe clearly had his recent battles with the Commonwealth uppermost in his mind.

He didn't waste this opportunity to lambast the British and the colonial past - and those who now, he believes, use their control of the information society to promote "hostile and malicious broadcasts calculated to foment instability" in poor countries.

E-governance and e-education require "a sovereign national state whose preoccupation is its people first and foremost" - not the needs of the white warrior states (eg, the UK, the US, and Australia) who are using their technological superiority to drive through a "dangerous imperial world order."

It was a powerful piece of oratory and a hard act to follow - as the Head of Government of Liechtenstein discovered.
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