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December 09, 2003

Big bridge needed - as "the digital divide is massive". So says George Sciadas, a researcher who helped launch The Global Information Technology Report at WSIS. He added the divide "is closing at a hugely slow pace", which will take generations.

ICT's could stretch the gap - rather than breaching it - between the haves and have-nots, according to the report.

The have-nots in this case are Chad, Ethiopia, the Central Africa Republic, Eritrea, Malawi, Myanmar and Bangladesh, who bring up the rear of the list.

The discussion that went with the launch was called 'Who Is Winning and Who Is Losing in the Information Revolution'.

The upbeat chat from the panelists that it was a "win win situation" for every country fell flat in the face of the hard evidence.
Erin Dean @ December 9, 2003 04:44 PM

Comments (1)
I think everyone is caught up in their own level of abstraction.

Any civil engineer knows that a foundation is required for a bridge, and yet these people keep speaking of the bridge without addressing the foundation...
Taran @ December 9, 2003 07:46 PM

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