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December 07, 2003

Broadband tribes. A company that has brought the internet to some of the world's most remote communities is coming to WSIS - where they'll outline the impact communications technology has had on the health, education and economic development of remote indigenous Canadian communities.

The 25,000 indigenous Keewaytinook Okimakanak people are scattered in tribal communities across a huge swathe of Northern Canada. Tribes with 400 people were sharing one phone and the inhospitable landscape meant that the area was only accessible by plane.

But K-Net say that broadband technology has bought improvements such as medical services and education without people having to undertake arduous trips to urban areas. Around 25 per cent of medical diagnosis can be made over the Internet and children who used to have to board at school during term time can learn at home.

Find them in the Canadian Pavilion at the summit.
Erin Dean @ December 7, 2003 09:34 AM | TrackBack

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Probably today nobody will argue that the Internet is the future of communication. Millions of people worldwide have already appreciated the convenience of work with a world wide web. And the company K-net once again has proved, that the Internet makes our life easier, more conveniently and faster (it is very important, taking into account that rhythm of life in which the modern man lives...
Wizard @ December 12, 2003 10:51 PM

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