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December 05, 2003

Sci-fi legend, Arthur C. Clarke speaks to One World:

"Because we frequently suffer from the scourge of information pollution, we find it hard to imagine its even deadlier opposite - information starvation. I get very annoyed when I hear arguments - usually from those who have been educated beyond their intelligence - about the virtues of keeping happy, backwards people in ignorance. Such an attitude seems like that of a fat man preaching the benefits of fasting to a starving beggar!

"On the idea of keeping television out, let me quote from an unexpected source. During the late 1950s, South Africa was the only wealthy country in the world that did not have a national television service. The minister in charge of broadcasting adamantly refused to permit one. 'Television will mean the end of the white man in Africa', he said. That was an extremely perceptive remark. From his point of view, the minister was perfectly right."

Read the whole thing...

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