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December 05, 2003

In WSIS news, the ITU is determined to wring every last drop of publicity from their flagship World Telecommunication Development Report. After one release last month, yesterday saw a re-release (what next: a re-mix?).

The focus this time is on the Millennium Development Goals. The news is unsurprising - ICT's biggest contribution is to MDG#18, which deals with access to ICTs and information. The news is dutifully picked up here and here, though this takes a different angle).

Bizarrely, the report itself doesn't yet appear to be online...

David Steven @ December 5, 2003 08:52 AM | TrackBack

Comments (1)
Looks like the report will be online Tuesday (12/9). Executive Summary (29 pgs) is live now.
Mike McCallister @ December 5, 2003 03:06 PM

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