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December 04, 2003

Nigerian schools are going online, with SchoolNet Nigeria aiming to get schools on the net, sharing information with other schools, and using IT to enrich the school curriculum.

Under the DigiLab programme, thirty-five schools should be live by the end
of December, with each having 20 PCs, powered by diesel generators and/or solar power.

Gbenga Arolasafe, project head, tells Daily Summit that: "Before now everything was text book based. We are having to work hard to get ICT accepted by our teachers as a legitimate form of education. It also poses challenges for the way that they teach. Our teachers are not used to the informal collaborative approach, where they are no standing in front of the class."

But the early results are encouraging. "In the Diginet schools we've seen ICT awareness increase enormously. The students no longer see it as something that comes out of the blue. It's there in their school. And they have free access to the Internet; although only to a limited number of sites. They do most of the collaborative learning on their own."
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This is so great.
stella @ February 2, 2004 09:49 PM

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