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December 03, 2003

McKinnon rejects Mugabe's criticism. Commonwealth secretary-general Mr. Don McKinnon reacted fiercely today to Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe's claim that the UK, Australia and New Zealand have formed an unholy alliance against his country.

McKinnon was terse in his response: "I have not met with Mr. Mugabe for 18 months. I have tried to raise a team to hold talks with him, they were denied visas. Within the last six months, I have talked at least once with every Commonwealth leader." Intrigued, Daily Summit pushed him further...

"I have spoken most of the 54 heads of government at least once in the last six or eight months," he told us, "and there is certainly more that one view on how the Commonwealth should lead on the issue of Zimbabwe. But this is by no means a question of an Afirca versus the rest of the world split."

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