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December 02, 2003

CHOGM news - Will India use CHOGM to continue to campaign for Pakistan's exclusion from the Commonwealth? And how will a "livid" Robert Mugabe react his exclusion from the Abuja meeting?

Meanwhile, Nigerian troops say that they will "decisively crush" anyone causing trouble at the summit; the Commonwealth Business Forum has been opened, while the African diaspora (which sends US£3 billion every year) is being discussed; and President Obasanjo cannot escape domestic troubles - he is defending himself, as the naira continues to slide.

David Steven @ December 2, 2003 09:53 AM | TrackBack

Comments (2)
It seemed odd to see another conference added to this web log about WSIS. At first I was puzzled when I saw that Obasanjo was providing troops for Geneva, but then I realized you were writing about another summit.

Maybe link to it from the home page but not mix wsis and African items.
Steve Cisler @ December 2, 2003 11:47 AM
It's a fair point Steve - and one we talked quite a lot about when the chance to report from CHOGM arose.

Ultimately, the opportunity to go live from Abuja seemed too good to pass up.

Hopefully the African and Commonwealth material will help stimulate debate for WSIS-watchers ahead of the summit.

We've added a short note to the homepage that hopefully clarifies things...
David Steven @ December 2, 2003 02:55 PM

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