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December 01, 2003

Buy 1 summit, get 1 free. From tomorrow (Tuesday), Daily Summit will be reporting from CHOGM, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which is taking place this year in Abuja.

Our reporter, Mick Fealty - of noted blog Slugger O'Toole - will be online soon, bring you all the news from the summit.

For the uninitiated, the Commonwealth is an association of former British colonies, dependencies and other territories (as well as Mozambique).

Recently, the key issue for Commonwealth countries has been Zimbabwe, and the activities of Robert Mugabe's government there. Last week, Secretary General Don McKinnon told the BBC that the Commonwealth had failed in its efforts to engage with the Zimbabwean President - and the issue isn't going to go away at this summit.

However, the host country - Nigeria - isn't without its problems either.

You may ask while Daily Summit is looking at two summits at once.. well, alongside CHOGM, the Commonwealth People's Forum is taking place. It's a major civil society summit, and we feel that those attending WSIS and those attending the people's forum will have similar aims - so, ultimately, we're getting a headstart on WSIS.
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