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September 16, 2002

So farewell... ... this is the final regular post (of 502) from Daily Summit. The site will remain on line for the forseeable future, with - in the next few minutes - a new front page to help you find your way around some of the highlights.

By way of a (not too serious) goodbye, we are presenting the World Summit Awards to those who contributed to the summit's seminal moments. Prizewinners include the US (3 awards), Greenpeace, and the young policeman who tried to persuade journalists he could fix them an interview with Nelson Mandela. Read on for the full list...

Thank you all for dropping by - especially of those of you who came every day. It was fun and, maybe some day, we'll be back....

David Steven | 05:22 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 13, 2002

Summit photos are now online (click here).

Your correspondent only used a camera when out and about, so you'll have to get your pictures of Sandton Convention Centre elsewhere. You will find shots from Alexandra, Soweto, and various demonstrations though...

David Steven | 04:36 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 5, 2002

The Australian gives coverage to the Daily Summit in this piece. Thanks to journalist and fellow blogger Tim Blair.

Mick Fealty | 12:08 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 4, 2002

For new readers, Daily Summit is a blog - read the what and why of this here, or head to this interesting discussion on Slate (via Instapundit - blogger-in-chief).

David Steven | 03:57 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 3, 2002

Lots of people have been asking what will happen to Daily Summit now. Well, the summit continues through tomorrow (we have wind of a big story for early tomorrow morning) and we'll be reporting the aftermath from Joburg on Friday. After that, we'll keep the site ticking over for a week or so - and it'll stay online for at last a year after that...

It's far from over here - and there may be a few more twists to this story yet!

David Steven | 05:11 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Daily Summit makes news - David Steven is interviewed by ITWeb technology news.

Mick Fealty | 04:11 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 2, 2002

As always at the beginning of the week, we're getting lots of new visitors. So welcome and thanks for coming.

The summit is heading towards it climax with vital decisions still to be made. If you like the site, pass word on to your friends - there's only a few days before the fun is over.

And do hit the comments link below each post - we're going through the pain barrier here (bad food, long days, little sleep). Hearing what you think is a great way of remembering there's a world outside this media centre!

On the site recently, the media claps Mugabe, a string of posts on corporate responsibility, the battle to tell the story of the summit, a farcical Blair/Chirac press conference, a child with no future on a Mountain of Hope, Jordan and Israel, Gro Brundtland, the UK chief scientist, defending America, an AIDS hero, the Times of London in the gutter, and the march to Sandton.

Or delve more deeply with our last round-up...

David Steven | 08:22 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Jane Goodall and Kofi Annan were at the Mountain of Hope today closing the Children's Earth Summit.

Daily Summit was there yesterday and we also published Jane Goodall's first interview at the summit. Kofi Annan hasn't talked to us yet, though....

David Steven | 08:21 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Your correspondent has just been interviewed by ItWeb, a South African technology website. Set of very interesting questions on technology and the media. We'll provide a link to the interview when it goes live…

David Steven | 03:30 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

September 1, 2002

Daily Summit has been interviewing people all week, so it was a shock to be on the receiving end of Larry Bensky's questions on KPFA a few moments ago. Your correspondent fielded questions on the summit's process, global warming and Iraq, using the last one to talk about the development and poverty issues that have dominated the summit...

If you're heading here from KFPA, welcome and we hope you enjoy the site. We're entering a critical stage at the summit, with crucial meetings going on as we speak. We also have a report to come from the culmination of the Children's Earth Summit in Soweto this afternoon and some thoughts from a young South African on GMOs.

Hit the comments link below this post if you heard the interview and wish to discuss any of the issues that were raised...

David Steven | 06:41 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Larry Bensky from KPFA, a Californian radio station, has been in touch, out of the blue, to ask for an interview - so you can hear me at 94.1 FM if you're within range, or with luck listen in on the web.

David Steven | 05:20 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 30, 2002

The comments are buzzing - marvellous (number of posts still beats number of comments, but you're catching up fast).

To come tonight or first thing tomorrow - a letter to the UK delegation from their younger counterparts, a few snippets about Norway, and an interview with the head of Friends of the Earth, England.

And tomorrow, we're off marching again (remember last time?)...

David Steven | 10:30 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Always at the beginning of the week, we're getting lots of new visitors. So welcome and thanks for coming. If you like the site, do us a favour and pass word on to your friends - they've got a few days to get here before the summit's over. And do hit the comments link below each post, we're going through the pain barrier here (bad food, long days, little sleep!).

Here's a quick catch up from the past few days:

Daily Summit's been online for a month now. Last Friday, we reported greenwash, Zimbabwe and Lomborg. Saturday, we interviewed Naomi Klein and were fired on by the police. Sunday, we were at Nasrec, the People's Earth Summit - and listening to the UN give its opening press conference.

On Monday, we caught up with Tech Central Station, posted an eye-popping statistic on abortion, and introduced partnerships. Tuesday, it was agricultural subsidies, the restless media and Ronald Bailey. Wednesday, Ambassador Ashe, the US position, targets, views of development and plastic chairs. And yesterday, Jeff Sachs, leaked Friends of the Earth documents, an endless series of the US press office, and rude words about ecobabes.

On top of that, articles on blogging, population growth, and how the Besutho people of Lesotho and the hawkers of Joburg are coping with the challenges of development. We've interviewed Shahida Jamil, Michael Dorsey, Jane Goodall and Matt Thomas - and heard from the entrepreneurial Tladi John Ndlovu about what he wants...

David Steven | 10:36 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 29, 2002

Crunch time is nearing, with the big action probably happening Friday night, and over the weekend.

So don't slack off now - come back as often as you can bear to… And hit the comments to keep us company!

David Steven | 11:00 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 28, 2002

Daily Summit's logfiles show someone arrived at the site from Google when searching for the phrase "world toilet summit."

I thought it was a joke. But, no, this event happened - in Singapore 2001...

David Steven | 07:05 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 27, 2002

Daily Summit currently sits at no 4 in Daypop's daily list of sites popular with the world blogging community. Very cool. And we've even had a mention from the mighty Instapundit...

Update: No 1 on Daypop now!

David Steven | 03:04 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 26, 2002

There's a debate starting on agricutural subsidies, so if you're interested, read the post, and hit the comments...

David Steven | 01:08 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

We always get a wave of new traffic on Monday mornings (welcome) and, besides, most our regular readers probably enjoyed a totally summit-free weekend.

So some highlights from the past few days.

Interviews with Jane Goodall, best known for her work with the chimpanzees of Gombe; Naomi Klein, author of No Logo; Michael Dorsey, director of the Sierra Club; Matt Thomas on a business partnership with Greenpeace; and Tladi John Ndlovu, one of the summit volunteers.

Articles on Malthus and global population, why we're trying to blog the summit, and (coming soon) both sides speak on corporate accountability.

Daily Summit has been at the first official press conference, as well as covering clashes between police and protestors.

It's written about the anti-globalisation (or as they prefer "global justice") movement; taken a trip to the Civil Society encampment at NASREQ; visited the People's Earth Summit; and drunk cocktails at Liliesleaf farm, which was once at the heart of the struggle against apartheid.

Today is the summit's first big working day - with streams of delegates still arriving at the airport - so stick with us as the story unfolds…

David Steven | 09:41 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 25, 2002

If you need to contact me in South Africa, call my cellphone 083 412 1282 or email me.

If it's not urgent, call the office +44 1202 849993 or email them (in working hours, they may be able to respond faster than I can).

These details always available here...

David Steven | 08:59 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 23, 2002

A reader in London chides the Daily Summit for rather "too much news and not enough views," after we were critical of a Ugandan teacher as saying "boys defend you and girls you can sell."

The quote came from an article on the problems women face because of "men's strong traditional beliefs on children and the land.

She warns the Daily Summit against a European perspective that might be a "turn-off" African readers.

"if you are struggling with a large family in the developing world, she writes, "and your richer relatives need domestic help and can give your female child a better future, then you would feel obliged to pass her on to them for financial benefit."

If you thoughts on this - or any other post - hit the comment link below!

David Steven | 02:16 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

As we go live from Joburg, we're opening up the Daily Summit to all comers.

Below every post, you can click to add a comment - either on what the Daily Summit has written, or on how others have responded.

Of course, you can continue to email your thoughts or to tell us something you think we should be investigating (more on that later).

David Steven | 10:39 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

At last, we're live from Joburg! So welcome to Daily Summit - especially if you're finding us for the first time.

The challenge: to blog the summit, offering an original and provocative window onto this huge, chaotic, but potentially ground-breaking event.

We're covering the big issues (population or energy, yesterday), interviewing the people at the summit (see here), reviewing and sometimes criticising the media (the Times for its racism, the Observer for its selective reporting etc), and providing hundreds of links to other summit resources.

Have a look around (and visit our faq for more info), tell your friends and colleagues - and come back regularly.

We're adding new content throughout the day - every day!

David Steven | 10:04 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 22, 2002

Thomas Malthus was both miserable and smug, - which is a nasty combination.

For him sex led to death, as limited resources kept the poor where they belonged. "Schemes of improvement," were the height of human folly.

"Do we still live in a Malthusian world?" the Daily Summit asks today, before giving some sort of answer via Paul Ehrlich, Amartya Sen, Fatima Jasminko, David Bloom, Fred Pearce, Warren Sanderson and Daniel Pipes.

Also on route: cancerous growth, democracy and famine, population peaks, terrorism and poverty - and the demographic dividend.

The bottom line: “baby boomers will light fires one way or another. So enlist them in stoking society's furnace or stand well back while they pitch society onto a bonfire."

Read the full story here...

David Steven | 10:19 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 15, 2002

Daily Summit scoops CNN CNN is today reporting that President Bush is being lobbied not to go to the summit.

Just remember - you heard it here two days ago!

David Steven | 09:04 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 11, 2002

Welcome if you're just finding us for the first time.

With a week to go until launch, we're settling in nicely. Hopefully, you'll make the Daily Summit your first port of call as the summit approaches (what's that? we think Tim Blair sums it up rather nicely).

For now, we monitoring progess as the World Summit approaches - while from 23rd August, we'll be live from Joburg, trying to mine some sense from the chaos.

Get in touch with your tips, gossip, advice - or simply to tell us how well/badly you think we're doing. There'll be a comments feature on every post sometime next week, and you can email us at any time...

David Steven | 07:27 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 9, 2002

And finally for today, Rebecca Blood, author of the Weblog Handbook, has thrown down a challenge Daily Summit can't resist.

"Weblogs as journalism?" she writes today about this site. "If you've read my book, you know that I'm skeptical - I think the form excels at filtering, media criticism, and eye-witness accounting but is generally ill-suited to offering an original, complete story of an event. But this has potential."

Telling the complete story of an event this big is a tough one. But we're certainly going to try and open a window...

(By the way, if you've just found us and are wondering what blogging is - A Human Voice gives you one answer and puts you on the trail of many others...)

David Steven | 08:06 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 6, 2002

You are what you surf - Hello, if you're discovering the Daily Summit for the first time.

We aim to be your first call for news and comment about the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD, the Earth Summit or, to us, simply the World Summit), a huge political jamboree about to descend on Johannesburg.

We'll be live from Joburg from 23 August - and posting to the site throughout the day, seven days a week, from now until whenever interest dies down in September.

If you like the site, please pass the word on to your friends and colleagues. If you can link to us too, that would be great.

For, as Tim "father of the web" Berners-Lee once said, "you affect the world by what you browse."

David Steven | 01:17 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

August 3, 2002

Well, hello... We're only just online and the official launch is still a few weeks away - but already there's a steady flow of people hitting the site.

So welcome and thanks for turning up so soon.

In a couple of week's time over 100 world leaders and 65,000 of the rest of us will be descending on Joburg.

Why? - to talk about sustainable development, which as Jonathan Porrit puts it "either means practically nothing to people, or practically everything".

The Daily Summit aims to be an informative, provocative and entertaining guide to what will be a chaotic, controversial, landmark event.

Let us know what you think about the site, the summit - or anything else you want to sound off about!

David Steven | 11:10 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

Blog update If you haven't already, check out Daily Summit's article on what a blog is and why blogging is important.

There's also an interesting article on blogs for business here and will give you a list of blogs that have been updated in the last three hours...

David Steven | 11:42 AM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |

July 25, 2002

The Human Voice The Cluetrain Manifesto, for all its fluffiness, has a powerful idea at its heart.

People want to communicate with people, it says. To them, organisations usually sound flat, boring and inhuman. They miss the human voice which is typically open, natural, and uncontrived.

Web logging – or blogging – has put this lesson at the heart of the latest web revolution.... [more]

David Steven | 06:25 PM South African time (utc/gmt +2) | |



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