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December 07, 2003

CHOGM news: the Queen apparently cancelled her trip to Kano and the Kano Commissioner of Information believes Kano is being punished for being a 'sharia state'; while the panel considering Zimbabwe's fate may or may not be deadlocked; and Nasir Danbatta has an excellent round-up of Nigerian reaction to the summit.

"With the nation's currency value on an unprecedented downward slide, a missing N300 billion annually from the coffers of Nigeria's economic live-wire (the NNPC), hostile living conditions; a debt profile of more than 30 billion US dollars and the N1.5 trillion owed indigenous contractors, the amount committed to CHOGM may have merely added salt to injury," he writes.

"It is widely-believed that the ongoing CHOGM is just another jamboree," he concludes, "exerting further pressure on the country's economy, while the citizenry pay the price."
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